MS SQL Pentest

     In few of me internal pentest engagement I was able to enumerate IP and credentials of database server, either by brute-forcing or searching the code for database connect string.

     In last 6months I got the database credentials twice in client side code excluding the successful brute-force.

    Previously when I use to get the credentials, I try to connect the server using a local client. Eg. If I get credentials of MS SQL Server then I download some client for it and try to view the database.

    This time I was not really interested in doing that. Instead I was thinking to escalate my privilege and do something more than just viewing the database, because when I was reading the walk-through of Kioptrix it states that we can gain code execution using some commands executing in sql format.

   So I googled ways to enumerate mssql and I got a very good link

So starting with enumeration I used mssql_enum auxiliary module for enumeration:

Running the module enumerated many descriptive information.

xp_cmdshell is Enabled so we can try to execute commands on the server.
The “mssql_exec” admin module takes advantage of the xp_cmdshell stored procedure to execute commands on the remote system. If you have acquired or guessed MSSQL admin credentials, this can be a very useful module. (Ref: offensive security)

Configuring mssql_exec metasploit module as shown below.

The "set CMD ipconfig" command will set the command to be executed on the remote host.
 Then just run it.

Checking out whoami.

Then I tried of gaining a meterpreter session on the server by referring
Tried many permutation combination and other payload, nothing really worked so far.
Tried uploading wget vbscript on the server but it failed as the module mssql_exec doesn't support special character in its set CMD syntax.


Revalidation of the finding

The developer team said that they have fixed the finding and send us the application for revalidation.
After traversing the previous path I saw the following:

Basically they were calling a "....Script.vbs" script from a javascript.
Then I entered that .vbs file name in the URL :

File download was shown to me.
After downloading and reading the file I got the connect string again.

Reported the finding.
Now the developers has stored the connect string in web.config file, still it can be accessed.


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