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A short story of LFI and XSS on Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administrative Interface

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administrative Web Interface Directory Traversal Vulnerability   CVE-2013-5528 {Feels happy when your exploit gets published on }
In one of the pentest engagement I got to play with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administrative Web Interface 8.x.Well I was able to find LFI and XSS on one of the parameter.
After few months I reported them to Cisco team. Few mail exchanges were done and Cisco team told me that the vulnerability is previously disclosed via CVE 2013-5528.

The team says they have covered LFI and XSS by the same advisory. Any ways, I took the permission to publish the exploit from the team and here I am publishing a writeup.

The vulnerability CVE 2013-5528: Directory traversal vulnerability exists on Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administrative Web Interface after authentication. The vulnerability is due to a failure to properly sanitize user-supplied input passed to …

Apache AXIS server pentest

In one of my pentest engagement the scope was to test  a website and its mobile application.
The website seems to be stronger and I was not able to find any vulnerability. So I switched to mobile application.
When I was testing the mobile application, I was doing code analysis and found a URL in the code which was invoking a web service. The URL is as follows.

Penetration testing of citrix server.

"This was previously published at InfoSec Institute's Resources site."
Here I'll discuss about how I did pentest of a citrix server in lab network.

First let us understand about Windows terminal service.

Windows Terminal Services (or Remote Desktop Services) is a feature of Windows 2003/2008 which allows multiple 'sessions' to be brokered to each enabled server, each running a server desktop or embedded application.

Citrix is layered on top of Terminal Services (2003) or the RDS role (2008) and extend the functionality of this 'session based' access. Additional features such as ICA and it's HDX feature set which provide better application performance for interactive, graphical and WAN based applications, resource metric based load balancing, centralized administration, geographically dispersed 'terminal server farm' design options, application publishing (individual apps as opposed to an app embedded in a desktop session), an…

File transfer and privilege escalation using Powershell

I was thinking of writing an article for some big brand. Eventually I got a notification on LinkedIn about collaboration for Powershell from (Poland)

I've submitted an article for powershell and it is published by

The magazine can be download from the following URL (needs registration):

The name of my article in the magazine is Privilege escalation using Powershell