Underdist 3 Vulnerable VM Walkthrough

1) Initially I tried nmap to discover the open ports shown below.

2) Then I used Nikto and dirb for further enumeration.

3) Checking for port 80 gave me the following.

4) No clue left what to do next.
5) Then I tried view source and I saw the following.

6) Fetching the URL mentioned in the view-source gave me the following.

7) The url seem base64 encoding as == is present. I then decoded it and found the following.

8) Then I thought of encoding /etc/passwd in base64 format to launch LFI (Local file inclusion) attack.
I tried various payload such as /etc/passwd   ../../etc/passwd finally the following payload gave me /etc/passwd file on the browser.

9) Then I copied the /etc/passwd file in user.txt and created a userlist file for SSH and smtp bruteforce.


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