De-Ice 1.120a Walkthrough

          Few days back my friend Chetan told to get hands on De Ice and Kioptrix series before taking PWK labs.The very next weekend I started with De-Ice . As my bridge network was on 192.168.1.x series I thought of doing De-Ice 1.120a just by bridging the VM. One of the awesome URL that I found today was .


  • I started with nmap as usual to find all the open ports. I usually use version detection and aggressive scan in nmap.

  • Well this anonymous thing on port 21 ftp didn't helped me and took me no where. There was also mysql port open which was not much of a use. But running few mysql related metasploit module and bruteforce using rockyou.txt would be good.
  • I tried to access the server on port 80 and it gave me the following.  
  • It has a simple functionality of adding and viewing a product as shown below.

    SQL Injection:

    • Well looking at the URL, I couldn't stop myself from running SQLmap. The parameter 'id' was injection. I tried os shell and pwn with sql map but there was no permission for writing on the directories. I even tried to brute-force the writable directory but it didn't work. Moving on after some permutation and combination I used the below query to retrieve users and password hashes.
    • The command ended with --users --passwords.

    • Well using the username and password mentioned above I did ssh using ccoffee with the password ********.

    • Checking in the scripts folder I found '.sh' file which says

      •  Now here's the trick which took me a long time to figure out. User ccoffee can execute file. So I renamed the original file as follows.



    1. Hi Hashim,

      are we allowed to use sqlmap in pwk labs??
      thanks a lot for all the blogs you have put up..they have been a great help always


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