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CTF Hack Dat Kiwi Writeups

I've participated in a CTF hack dat kiwi held on 19th and 20th November 2015. The CTF was organized by Abius X. Let me tell you this was one of the finest CTF that I've every participated.
Everything was awesome and organised.

I've solved few challenges and was at 234th rank (Handle: Transformers)

SSL_Sniff 1 (50 points) A wireshark file was given (dump.pcap) can be found


About me I am just a guy who has done B.E (Computer Engineering), C.E.H and I am doing vulnerability assessment for different clients in Mumbai.

Inspiration to do OSCP Wanted to read technical stuff only then skip this para. Like other guyz I thought that OSCP is one of the most difficult task in the world of IT Security.
And yes, it is one the difficult mission you could ever face. Back in Dec 2014 I was really bored with the conventional vulnerability assessment thing, I wanted to do some more exploitation and some black hat stuff. But in our job we were not allowed to do so, as the environment used to be critical most of the time and time for completing the task was less.
So I asked few question on some group in facebook regarding How can I learn more exploitation stuff.
There was a guy with the name Mr.WhiteW0rm who have given me a brilliant answer and recommended me to do OSCP. That time I thought though I won't be able to do OSCP but at least I'll study in i…